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SKUBI is a mini exhibition space in which anyone can create his own piece of arts, regardless of ageand occupation. One side of the wooden box has a transparent glass on it, the other has a little hole to peep inside. The artworks inside the 20×20×40 cm space kf the box can be made with the easiest tools or even with the most sophisticated techniques. Texts, figures, writings or objects can appear inside. Any kind of topic can be exhibited in the SKUBI installations. As you look inside the SKUBI boxes and turn it to the light, the stories inside become visible. You can use a flashlight to use the SKUBI at night. In the basic version, you use three layers in the inside space, but this number can be decreased or increased according to the creativity and skills of the artist. The layers are transparent in order to give the illusion of three dimensions. SKUBI can be used in inside spaces as well, but normally it is installed outside in public spaces. It is a minimal-scale intervention, but in the mean time it raises interest and makes you curious: we should peep inside (‘skubizni’ means ‘peeping inside’ in Hungarian)!

SKUBI-project – Enjoying the Banks of the Danube

We realized an artwork about the beauties of the Danube and its meaning in our lives within the programme of Ludwig Museum Budapest and CAPP Artists’ Cooperation Programme in line with the aims of Valyo. We used the most characteristic elements of the spaces: the trees, to exhibit the artworks – thus, one of the inspiration was the nestholes of the birds. The community aspect comes from the artworks appearing in the boxes. Eighty artworks were made by participants of five workshops – almost half of them being children -, and ten boxes were announced for artists. The topic was the experiences on the Danube of the participants.

The project timeframe was one month altogether, from the design to the implementation. The ninety SKUBIs were placed at the banks of the Danube as a part of the Dunapest festival. We hope that the we will revoke some memories of the audience about the river, and make them think about the Danube as part of our lives, floating through Europe.

SKUBI workshop

The artworks in the SKUBI boxes were created on five workshops by the participating adults and kids. Anyone could register for the events. Friendly atmosphere was crucial for the event, which was facilitated by a sociometric exercise. This exercise brought light to the behaviour of the participants about the Danube: who sees it on a daily basis, which are their favourite bridges, which place or life event is related to their Danube story which they brought to the workshop.

Following the exercise, we showed the participants the colour folia and vignette-collage techniques with which they could work on in the three water-transparent layers of the SKUBI boxes. It was an exciting challenge for everyone to split one picture into three layers. The planning was helped by a projector and a layer-holder tool to put the layers behind each other. We had two hours to prepare the artworks – after being ready, the participants shared their stories depicted in the SKUBIs with each other.

SKUBI-project is a series of installations of Valyo. Participants of the project:

Art director: Varga Dávid – Valyo

Project coordinator: Tömör Miklós – Valyo

Coordinator: Simon Andrea – Ludwig Museum

Coordinator: Lóczi Viola – Valyo

Curator: Nánay Fanni – Placcc

Workshop leaders: Tillmann Hanna, Schéner Ildikó, Thorday Filoména, Víg Alíz

Photo, video: Bognár Benedek and Simon Zsuzsi
Support: Szlobodnik Zoltán