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On Saturday, from 11 am, you are welcome to join the spring cleaning brigade of the Pest embankment for a safe, communcal rubbish collection event, at the stairways between Margaret Bridge and the Parliament.
Probably the most beautiful and peaceful parts of the Pest quay – open for the summer weekends for pedestrians and cyclists – are the stairways, where we can sit down and enjoy the Danube banks.
Unfortunately, these stairs and their bottom – which is a 4-5 meter wide grassy, ​​wildflowery, rocky area at the current Danube position – are very dirty.

We believe that it is our common responsibility to keep the Danube bank and its surroundings clean and pretty.

In view of the pandemic, we pay special attention to health and safety regulations:

~ garbage bags and gloves are provided,
~ bring your mask!
~ our coordinators will pay special attention to following the rules of social distance: we will have plenty of space! Together, we clean a 350-meter-long stepped section from empty glass, flood debris, glass shards, cigarette butts, and so on.
~ free and clean public toilet available at Olimpia Park

FKF Nonprofit Ltd. (Capital Department of Public) will provide tools and logistic support.

We recommend a parallel event organized by the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party who will construct an installation of garbage.

Come and join us for a pretty and clean Danube shore!



We invite all children, families or enthusiastic passers-by to create asphalt chalk drawing! Unfortunately, we cannot play together on Children’s Day, but we can color the free road surface while keeping a 1.5 meter distance.

You can get chalks at these 3 places / points on the quay, seek for the flags:

1. Bus parking space at Olimpia Park
2. Bus parking space at Lánchíd (Chainbridge, northern bridgehead)
3. Under Szabadság híd (Liberty Bridge)

Once you got your chalks, all you have to do is start creating. Draw any landscape, color a line pattern, or create a unique track for a game.

Share a photo of your drawing in the Facebook event or on Instagram using #szabadapart or send it to



Pest quay will be carfree on weekends till autumn.
From the middle of May till the end of September, on weekends – between Margaret Bridge and Közraktár Street – the Municipal Government of Budapest locks the Pest quay from car traffic, and hands it over to the pedestrians, families, cyclists and athletes who want to relax on the banks of the Danube.
From the very beginning, the goals of the City and River Association have been to make the banks of the Danube in Budapest pedestrian- and cyclists-friendly, to organize leisure community programs directly on the river bank. Clicking here to read more about our goals.

We invited all those interested to collect garbage at our “”Clean the quay together!”” event, and to do chalk drawing with us at our “”Color the quay!”” event during the Pentecost long weekend”.

In cooperation with the Budapest Municipality, Budapesti Városarculati (Cityscape) Nonprofit Kft. and Valyo, many more joint programs are expected during the summer, so keep up to date with our news.