our goals

We want an accessible Danube shore, leisure spaces and activities at the river banks.
The Danube, the greatest, most characteristic natural treasure of our capital is still, blocked with roads and is inaccessible. At its shore there are exciting, inspirational, but often neglected spaces. We work on the evaluation of these spaces, draw attention via artistic and community development tools, and make proposals for better utilization.
Increasing community and recreational spaces
~ touchable Danube at more and more river sections
~ pedestrian friendly river banks
~ no car parks
~ installation of flood tolerant plants
~ Ínség-rock should appear less frequently
~ preservation of existing green areas
~ 142 % more community, recreational green areas (park, grove)
Transport development
~ cycleable quays
~ flood proof public space development, using and considering water movement
~ fast, competitive with other means of public transport water conveyance on the Danube
– reducing harmful emission from ships
Reconsideration of tourism development
~ developments tailored to the needs of local residents should take precedence over investments in tourism
~ ‘pedestrians and cyclists only’ bridge in Budapest that could be Szabadság híd keeping trams
~ hotel boats should only park at high, vertical quays, stepped shores should remain part of recreational areas