Free Beach on the Roman Coast

Construction camp and beach test day

Our work to save the Roman coast, which began in 2013, reached the stage of designating a possible future function of the coast by 2019, the free beach. The symbolic elements of the beach were made in a 5-day construction camp, which we tested on hundreds on June 29 at the Free Beach Test Day on the Roman Coast.
The once popular institution of swimming on the Danube was banned in 1973 in the Capital area due to deteriorating water quality. This, together with the change in leisure habits and the appearance of the property lobby after the change of regime, contributed to the gradual demolition of Rome, the liquidation of most of the boathouses. Water quality was first measured in 2017, the result: excellent! The policy of the Roman shore of the Óbuda Municipality took a positive turn in the spring of 2019, a decision was made to establish the beach. We put this theoretical decision into practice, if only for 1 test day.
We organized a 5-day sleepover construction camp at the coastal K-Külker Rowing Club, where – together with the camp participants – we dreamed up the public space furniture that symbolizes the free beach for us. A watchtower was built, benches, a duck-buoy line, fireplaces, information boards were made about the rules of the beach, and in the spring, we placed poles marking the trees planted by the Keep the Trees on the Roman Coast organization.
In the summer heat, the Free Beach Test Day attracted crowds. For the first time in almost half a century, it was possible to swim legally on a Budapest section of the Danube, and visitors could try out the water sports of the Roman Coast, such as paddling, kayaking, canoeing and SUP.
We are waiting for the continuation and the creation of the basic beach infrastructure from the Municipality!

Photos: Spengler László / Graphic: Simor Péter