Goggle / SKUBI

Community micro exhibition in a box

Goggle is a mini exhibition space, with a translucent glass at one end of the wooden box, a peephole at the other, and a multi-layered surface in the interior, on which drawings and pictures can be placed, creating a multi-dimensional view. The first Goggles presented Danube experiences, and since then, associations related to other public spaces have been shown in them.
In 2016, as a program of the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, we created a public, community work that emphasizes the beauty of the Danube and its role in our lives. We used the most defining parts of the spaces, the trees, to place the works, so one of the inspirations came from the shape of birdhouses.
The interior of the Goggle shows works created with simple tools or sophisticated artistic methods. By default, three layers can be formed within the interior, but the number of layers can be increased or decreased.
Goggles can also be used indoors, but most of the time it appears as a public exhibition. It is attached to trees in parks or to other landmarks with a strap. A small-scale but attention-grabbing intervention in the environment that attracts passers-by and makes you wonder: you should Goggle!
The community character stems from the works that appear in the boxes. Eighty works of art were created by a hundred participants (children and adults equally) in the five workshops of the Ludwig Museum, and we issued a tender for artists for the remaining ten places.
Since then, Goggle boxes have appeared in several places, also on the Danube bank with archive photos, on the Danube bank in Esztergom, on Bartók Béla road the installations made of Danube garbage, furthermore in Városmajor Park we could see what kind of city children dream of.

Photos: Bognár Benedek, Fáryné Szalatnyay Judit, Simon Zsuzsanna