Cultural networking, development of the Danube identity within the framework of an EU tender

The aim of the international DANUrB project is to organize medium-sized settlements along the Danube into a cultural network. The role of the project is to map and exploit the cultural and social resources along the Danube, to strengthen the Danube identity of the partner settlements and to create a common, tourist-attractive “Danube cultural brand”.
Valyo joined the project at the honorable request of the domestic project coordinator, the Budapest University of Technology and the Center for Contemporary Architecture.
Our experience gained in previous years in transforming underused waterfronts into a cultural and community space largely contributed to the success of the project.
In the summer of 2017 and 2018, at the Esztergom station of the project, we presented such cultural programs (SKUBI, Stone skimming Championship, Digital Bottle Post) that are in line with the project’s goals, supports locals strengthen their connection to the Danube, discover and enjoy the the characteristics of the waterfront of their living environment.
The aim of our participation is also to offer our international project partners easy-to-take solutions for the ownership of community spaces, while continuously learning from them how to smuggle new programs, innovative and creative solutions to the Hungarian waterfront.