Mobile Sauna

Hibernal use of public spaces on the Danube river bank

How could the Danube attract people in winter? A sauna might do the job. And so began Valyo’s mobile sauna project in 2013. The legendary Valyo bus, a culture bar and a roaming literary centre in the summer, hosted sauna-lovers for six winters…

Between 2014 and 2019 from January to February the Steyr minibus of peculiar shape turned up at a new spot every year to offer a scorchingly exquisite experience on the Danube river bank.

In the mobile sauna with panoramic windows and wood-fired stove 5-6 people could enjoy the heat and the stunning view at a time, and freshened up with shower of soda water. Donations of the partakers supported Valyo’s initiatives and a progressing Danube river bank.

In 2019 the Valyo sauna bus moved to Bratislava to assist with the reconstruction of an old bath.

Valyo Dock (Hajóállomás u. 1., southwards from Rákóczi Bridge)

Sztehlo Gábor rkp., next to Batthyány tér

Gellért Hill, Citadella

Gellért tér
Margaret Bridge, Buda side
Szent István Park
Chain Bridge, Buda side

Chain Bridge, Buda side, in the parking opposite the funicular
Margaret Bridge, Buda side, in the parking at the foot of the bridge
Óbuda, in the area beneath Újpest Rail Bridge
Valyo Riverbank, Chain Bridge, northern Pest side

Photos: Bognár Benedek, Nagy Tamás, Simon Zsuzsanna, Varga Dávid, Veress Dalma