Stone skipping championship (“Duck stone throwing”)

The world’s simplest public waterfront game

What is the easiest game everyone knows and can play on the waterfront? Stone skipping! This was the first Valyo event we organized. In recent years, we have developed a complex set of rules for the game.
Rules of the Stone Skipping contest
Competitors can enter without any age limit. The women’s, men’s and children’s field competitions are held separately, in parallel. The competition starts with a qualifier, where each contestant enrolls, and then can roll with 2 competition pebbles. Bounces will be judged by a jury – the competitor can advance to the semi-finals based on the amount of skips they have been awarded. If necessary, it is decided by “throwing away” who gets further.
From the semi-finals – based on the principles of a classic duel – the person of the advancing player is decided by doubles matches. Competitors may throw three pebbles each, based on the scores of the jury, the referee adds up the score, which is recorded by the scoreboard. Here, too, the advance is based on the sum of the three throws.
The semi-finals will be held with 4 women and 4 men, and the final with 2 women and 2 men, following the same principles. The best female and best male racers can compare their strength in the “master game”.
Tournaments held so far:
Első Dunai Éjszakai Kacsakő Dobó Bajnokság (Pesti rakpart, 2011)
Dunai Kacsakődobó és Fahalhorgász Grand Prix és Óriás Sakkozás (Jászai Mari tér, 2011)
Nemzetközi Kacsa és Gácsér Bajnokság (Vizafogó, 2011)
Nemzeti Kacsakődobó Bajnokság és Piknik (Vizafogó, 2012)
Palota Kacsakő Játékok (Pesti rakpart, 2012)
Kacsakődobó bajnokság (Valyo Part, 2013)
BME Gerillagrill és II. Nemzetközi Ad-Hoc Kacsakőbajnokság, (2014)
I. Budai Kacsakődobó bajnokság (Műegyetem rakpart, 2015)
I. Magyar-szlovák Kacsakődobó Bajnokság (Esztergom, 2017)
VIII. BP Kacsakődobó Bajnokság (Műegyetem rakpart, 2016)
10. Nemzeti Kacsakődobó Bajnokság x Varázsnap x Magbomba WS (Valyo Kikötő, 2018)
I. Római Szabadstrand Kacsakődobó Bajnokság (Római part, 2019)

Photos: Bajkó Péter, Nagy Tamás