Danube Trail 2011

The path of art installations

The aim of the Danube Trail is to draw people to the shore with the power of art and to pass on information about the Danube. The study trail is a series of objects and installations that make you think about the river from a different perspective.
The Danube Trail was an informative walk-hike network of 13 stations between the Margaret Bridge and the Petofi Bridge on the Danube bank in Budapest. At the stops of the study trail, the works of young, contemporary artists, graphic artists and architects told the history, the present and the imagined future of the Danube. The residents of the city themselves were involved in the creation of the content in the form of preliminary online and offline games.
At the ten stations of the Danube Trail, the visitors met with information points. Archive images, graphics, photos, data, stories about the site and its immediate surroundings were found on objects reminiscent of traffic signs. They received information about the wildlife of the Danube, the former wooden pools and watermills, the legends of the Danube, the architectural and historical past of the Danube bank, and the direction of the expected developments. At three stations of the Danube Trail, installations could be seen, via which the creators evoked personal experiences and feelings using tools of contemporary art.
In the middle of the Danube Trail route, on the Belgrade embankment, at the international boat station, a floating public space was waiting for those who wished to relax a little. Anyone could sit on a huge deck chair made by volunteers, surrounded by plants, sunbathe, have a picnic. During the Danube Trail event, we organized free programs, games, film screenings and parties for STÉG.