The team of Valyo

Lohász Cili

I’ve been on the team since Valyo was formed, and I tend to do the invisible parts: write, ask, invite, guess, tell. Binge on the banks of the Danube fills me up, a close connection with nature is very important to me. I keep paying attention to the spaces, where, what it feels like to be: where the chi is good.

Tömör Miklós

I like swimming in the Danube, walking and biking on the banks, to sit down and chat. From the beginning, I’ve been involved in almost Valyo activitz. I love Budapest, when the city is buzzing, and I love to be involved in these things, invent something new, and see that people love it. I also like to design, organize, and build.

Schanz Judit

I joined Valyo at first, as an enthusiastic audience, a random volunteer,then from 2016 on, as the community organizer for Trees of the Római group. It is good to paly bridgemaster on the Szabihíd, to paint slats on Római. But most importantly, that communities come together and shape the Danube bank with us.

Péter Benjámin

I help the work of the association with music, theater and the organization of all kinds of cultural events. I coordinated the art programs of Valyo Harbor and Szabihíd. As the only member of Valyo's Rowing Department at the moment, I try to spend all my free time on the Danube.

Kornai-Varga Dávid

I am one of the constructors / designers / implementers of the team. If we are planning an actual intervention, my degree in architecture and carpentry experience will come in handy. Besides, the Danube impresses in all seasons and times of the day. If I can, I'll get on the water.

Király Zsuzsanna

From throwing the first skimming stone, I follow whereever Valyo swirls. As a member of the Audit Committee, I assist in the lawful functioning.

Kukucska Gergő

I'm an architect. The joint experience of lots of programs, designing and building installations connects me to the Valyo team. I hope that in the future we can continue to work on creating more and more playfully inspiring surfaces, and that the Danube and its banks will become an increasingly active part of community life!

Lóczi Viola

I have been a member of the Valyo team since 2011, and ever since then I have been involved in organizing and running programs to a greater or lesser extent. I've always been strongly drawn to water, the proximity of water. Where else could this attraction have directed me in Budapest than to the banks of the Danube?

Szőllőssy Kristóf

I help Valyo’s communication work with advice (I’m very good at it) or hands-on work (I need to be nudged sometimes, to my knowledge I’m hading in this introduction last). Oh, and I won a silver medal with Valyo in our first joint Regatta!

Valyo Kacsa

I am the totem animal and identity carrier of Valyo. The sacred rites of the association and the high-level representation of the spirituality of Valyo belong to me. I was washed ashore at the Valyo! Bank in the summer of 2013, and I have been strengthening the team ever since.

Tóth-Kalló Évi

I joined Valyo’s Római Coast work in 2016. We protested against the coastal mobile barrier with demonstrations and awareness-raising actions. Our Trees On Római civic group has been actively involved in the renewal and community life there ever since.I'm inspired by every new joint project TREES, ROWING, BEACH at Római! BARRIER on Nánási!

Nagy Tamás

I love the Danube and the city. I grew up by water, so the sight of water and taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the waterfront is one of my lifebloods. I document the work of Valyo with my photos. I trust that my pictures do not only make people think, but will also make them act to improve the place where we live!

Madácsi Flóra

I joined during the building process of the free beach. My favorites are experimentation, actions, planning and building useful things, seeing people as they take possession. It would be good if biodiversity with humans and other living things could grow on the banks and waters of the downtown Danube.

Balogh Zsuzsi

I joined the organization of the first Szabihíd and got in touch with Valyo in the summer of 2017. The project, the whole team and what they represent soon became very dear to my heart. Thus, I also became an organizer and program coordinator for the next two Szabihíd events. It is as it is - love.

Szőke Timi

The Harbor was the first Valyo love project I was involved in. Since then, I have been the most helpful in organizing and the mystical process of writing tenders, but I like to paint public space furniture, walls, boards, anything, but the best is to be together on the banks of the Danube.

Vekerdy Panni

Since 2013, I have been involved in various Valyo projects. I grew up next to a city, almost in the Danube, so there was a real lack of paddling in Budapest, and these Valyo events always alleviated it. I exchanged the Danube for lakes in Sweden two years ago, but that may change

Dér Asia

I have been lurking around the organization since the night Valyo was formed. I mainly help their work with video documentation tasks, but I enthusiastically plaster, tend the bar, or heat the sauna. The best thing about Budapest is the Danube, and I hope that bathing in the Danube, picnicking along the banks and cycling will soon no longer be a utopia.

Szőllőssy Balázs

I've been following Valyo from the beginning, and over time I became involved in the organization and coordination of more and more programs. I’ve been rooting for the team from the shores of a bigger piece water lately, but my heart always pulls me back to the Danube!

Balogh Kata

I was a program organizer, a bartender or a sauna builder. I said goodbye to Valyo at the foot of Szabihíd, and I have lived in Barcelona ever since. The Danube shore, the hammocks, and the community of Valyo are among the few things that are missing from Budapest, and the reasons why I still like to go home sometimes.

Szőllőssy Dani

I joined the first Valyo! Shore as a bartender, then I got stuck here. It’s no coincidence, as I’ve yet already been a sauna master, scorer, rower, construction assistant, organizer and enthusiastic volunteer. The point is the location, as the Danube connects: cities, countries, cultures, people.

Spengler László

I moved to the capital from a village, and I was sad to see that urban people do not value and protect their natural treasures from concrete. I approach Valyo through a civic movement, I like to build, take action and create visual content so that the Danube can become a common value and experience as soon as possible.

Kocsis Bálint

First I met Valyo on the shore, and later I was an enthusiastic visitor to Szabihíd and the Harbor. Today, as a member of the organizing team, I am participating in future projects, which is motivated by my love of Budapest, my passion for traffic and my faith in the community.