Digital message in a bottle

Interactive creation on the surface of the water

You sit on the bank of the river and think about how far you have come from its source and how much still awaits you to the Black Sea. Does it occur to you that someone down the river might be doing the same thing? How can you contact him?
Surely you have already sent a message in a bottle down the Danube, secretly hoping that one day someone might find and answer it. Some write down their address, so the finder can contact them, some just send a funny message, and there may be a shipwreck, who happens to ask for help in the bottle.
With digital message in a bottle, we have given anyone a chance to try it: what it is like if the message is probably found and responded to shortly after being posted. At the two locations (A38, PIER), anyone could post their digital message, which was delivered to the destination by the water of the Danube.