Games on the coast

Learning by playing

One of the best ways to learn something is through playing. Gamification also has a serious literature and several domestic followers, which brings us closer to and introduces us to different areas. The game is no longer just for kids, anyone can play and plays, just think of board games or the success of escape rooms.
Valyo has been using the playful dissemination tools from the start. On the coast we organize games that bring people closer, introduce them to various areas, such as the Stone Skipping Championships, which have been held regularly for years.
Our best games, which lead you through a a particular field, introduce you to its details. Such detective / treasure hunting games were the Danube Derrick or the Danube Study Trail mobile application, developed jointly with the AR.
We also place games and interactive tools physically onto the coast. We made a giant quay chess set, a xylophone seesaw, a verse-writing chalkboard, and a terrain table imitating water flow.
We organize study groups / seminars, where we provide water-related information and knowledge in a playful way. Such as the small boat building occupation or the simulation of dams with Lego elements.

Photos: Nagy Tamás, Veress Dalma