Valyo Bus

Our cool little bus

The Valyo Bus was a mobile device with which we could implement projects at any location. The Steyr Citybus model we used was made in Austria in 1984 based on the plans of Louis L. Lepoix, then it served as a transfer bus at Ferihegy Airport. Valyo bought the bus in 2012, we renovated it with the help of volunteers and knowledgeable professionals. We could imagine almost anything about the function of the bus and we were happy to push these boundaries.

The bus participated in the following projects:
Switch (2012) – The closing event of the Danube StudyTrail

Mobile Sauna (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) – Six-person mobile sauna on the Danube bank

FIeSZta (2014, 2015) – Literary cruise

Valyo! Beach (2014) – Free public festival

Herb Garden workshop (2014) – Community herb garden construction

Cinema Bus (2014) – A six-person cinema that can be delivered to your house

Regatta Bar (2016) – Bar counter at the Danube Regatta event

Mobile Kitchen (2018) – The kitchen of Valyo Harbor

Bus parameters

Useful interior area: approx. 8 m2

Maximum speed: 50 km / h

Number of people that can be transported: max. 15 people

Consumption: 17l / 100 km

Range: 250 km

Electrical capacity: 280Ah

In the autumn of 2019, the Valyo Bus was moved to Bratislava with the Mobile Sauna function as part of an urban renewal project.

Photos: Bach Máté, Nagy Tamás, Varga Dávid, Veress Dalma