Well on the shore

Drinking well at the foot of the Chain Bridge

A constant problem in the use of the banks of the Danube is the issue of drinking water, which is of paramount importance in the summer heat. We were looking for a solution to this by building a public well.
We set up the public well on the northern side of the Pest bridgehead of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. The planning was preceded by a community needs assessment/analysis as to how to expand the area. The well won the poll, but two years later we also implemented the public barbecue as part of the Outflow project. An important aspect was to design a well that can be used in everyday life. That anyone who walks along the beach on a warm summer day can refresh themselves or to wash their ice cream-covered hands.
When designing the well, we aimed for a shape that is well-known to everyone: the oil barrel. The most common alternative use of a barrel is a fireplace or warm-up place. We put a little twist on that by having water flow from the barrel.
Artists: Lili Bartha, Efe Özyaba, Márton Major, Angéla Nagy, Boglárka Pataki
Supervisors/Consultants: Gergely Kukucska, Miklós Tömör, Gergő Tóth, Dávid Varga
In 2014, the Concrete Workshop course took place in Valyo’s workroom, and in the following years, the Ficcens and Outflow projects followed this first collaboration.

Photos: Bognár Benedek, Simon Zsuzsanna