Yoga on the bank

Public yoga next to the water

The last decade has seen an emergence of yogis in Budapest parks taking the asanas locked within four walls outdoors. We’ve always welcomed enthusiastic, experimental instructors, as the proximity of the Danube can make a yoga class even more exciting, and who doesn’t want to relax in a warrior pose in crowds sipping spitzers?
We held our first Danube Yoga on the PIER in 2011, facing the Gellért Hill, with a pontoon below us.The Valyo! Beach, lasting for a few weeks, held several yoga classes instructed by Yogabog, and at the Valyo Marina, which has been open for several months, classes were held several times a week. It takes some organisation to make sure that the spitzer-sippers, kids playing in the sand, and a tuning punk gig go well together, but we usually manage to find the right venue for the programmes.
Photos: Nagy Tamás, Veress Dalma