Design a Park! WS

Bottom-up public space design workshop

In a four-day workshop, we prepared several plans for the north head of the Chain Bridge on the Pest side. A dozen enthusiastic young people, mostly landscape architects, took part in the work, and these designs inspired the programme and the design of the several week long Valyo Beach Festival.

One of the most exciting areas, explored as part of the Danube Study Trail, was the small triangle of sandy, shady, bushy land at the foot of the Chain Bridge in the city centre, which later became known as Valyo !Beach, where now Pontoon operates.

Initially, several installations and small events brought the waterfront to life, but it also highlighted many shortcomings. That’s why we organised the open-to-all Design a Park! workshop, which brought 12 designers together to explore the possibilities for renewing the space.

After a thorough study of the area, the design team locked up in a small office at Belgrade Quay to spend several days drawing, designing and making models. The design focused on three major themes: comfort, activity and the possibilities to carry information, and to create an even closer connection to the Danube. The quayside sections completely lack comforting features and elements we are familiar with in other public spaces, such as toilets, benches and drinking water taps, activities are nowhere to be found, and information and signposting do not frequent here either. The plan for the coming year was to install benches, hammocks, and later even a well, and to organise a host of cultural and playful activities.

Photos: Nagy Tamás, Tömör Miklós, Varga Dávid