Valyo! Beach

The ideal public space on the Danube bank

Play! Relax! Enjoy the space! Experience the Danube bank! Consider it your own! – we ran Valyo! Beach for a few days with this motto, and then eventually for three weeks as part of a community space renovation process started in 2011.

In 2011, for the first time, we gathered a collection of leisure games adapted to the site. The rules of the games were posted on the Danube Study Trail boards (badminton, petanque, backgammon, merils, stone skipping, foot tennis, giant chess, tug-of-war, rock-paper-scissors, etc.).

In 2012, we sent a message to the city with D-A-N-U-B-E on the surface of pallet armchairs: “here is this bank, let’s use it!” The bank was buzzing with life, but we still found quite many gaps. That’s why we organised the Design a Park! workshop, which looked at ways to regenerate the area.

In 2013, the plans were partially implemented with the first Valyo! Beach: a toilet was placed on the bank together with 12 furniture islands. During the three weeks of !Beach, more than a hindred performers, spearkers committed to the cause of Valyo and the Danube. The success of Valyo! Beach allowed us to spread the message of our association with a wider audience.

In 2014, Valyo! In cooperation with BETON (meaning concrete) Workshop, the first public fountain on the Danube bank was created. More furniture was placed on the bank, and double-sided deck chairs were added to the bench islands. The Valyo Bus also made three appearances on the !Beach, serving as a bar. The programmes were organised around three different themes: literature/electronic music, football/ethnic cuisine, children’s programmes/concerts.

In 2015, we did not receive the necessary permits to organise further programmes, so the event – much to our regret – was cancelled.

Since then, a place called Pontoon has been operating in the area.

Photos: Borbíró Andrea, Nagy Tamás, Zombori Balázs