Danube Regatta

University rowing competition with quay escort programs

Hungary’s largest inter-university sports, music and cultural festival, built around international rowing and kite racing competitions, has been organized since 2013. Between 2013 and 2016, Valyo was also involved in organizing quay-related programs.
During the festival, the lower quay of Buda between the Rákóczi Bridge and the Erzsébet Bridge was closed, and for a time, so was the quay of the Technical University between Bertalan Lajos Street and Gellért Square.
True to Valyo’s mission, events were organized at the location closest to the Danube, almost under the Liberty Bridge, on the lower quay. We packed out our public furniture, the Valyo Bus, from which we operated a small restaurant, there were movies, concerts and dancing far into the night. We also organized Stone Skipping Championships twice, with a throwing pier specially designed for this occasion, and the stepped quay gave way as an ideal spectator space.
In 2015, we even held the inauguration of Guerrilla Grill, as it was at this time that the concrete grill, developed jointly with Betonworkshop, was ready to be used by everyone.
Photos: Nagy Tamás