Danube Trail 2012

Furniture, installations, literature

The first Danube Trail was built in 2011 with the aim of drawing people to the coast with the power of art and passing on information about the Danube. The project, in its second year, returned with fewer locations but with larger scale installations and furniture.
The four stations, which were closer to each other than the previous year, were located at Vigadó Square, on the south and north sides of the Chain Bridge, and between the Chain Bridge and the Parliament, at a location called Park. The stations were arranged around different themes, complemented by colorful pallet furniture.
With the help of the Young Writers’ Association, we set up a literature point at the Chain Bridge, where the participants could read Danube-related works by classical and contemporary writers, the venue was supplemented by illustrations by Anna Fatér.
At a spot called Park, we created a wet terrain table called Streamteable based on the ideas of Austrian artist Michaela Grass. Here, visitors could model river bends, gullies and dams.
Next to the boat station on Vigadó Square, a four-part standing seesaw awaited the visitors, which inspired to play and drew attention to the noise pollution of the shore with the help of its built-in xylophone.
On the north side of the Chain Bridge, the already familiar sports field awaited the visitors, with pétanque and lots and lots of benches. The events of the study trail were also held here: concerts, readings, conversations. Our public space development project called Valyo! Part sprung from this later the same year.