Grill on the coast

The smallest infrastructural development on the waterfront

From bratwurst to ćevapi, there is a tradition of grilling on the waterfront among the Danube-side nations. However, there was no barbecue or fire pit on the banks of the Danube in Budapest ten years ago. This situation has changed since then.
Grilling is a public space function that makes an area much more homey with minimal infrastructure development. Although almost everyone has a mobile barbecue set at home with which they can grill anywhere, we think the city also needs some fixed, built-in, community fireplaces and barbecue grills. That is why we have built several barbecue and fire places on the Danube bank, the Danube bank below Gellért Square and on the Roman bank. We also encourage grilling at all our events. This was also the case on the LibBridge and in the Harbor – on the bridge everyone arranged the barbecue stand for themselves, and in the Harbor we built fireplaces, provided the wood and the barbecue grill.
Photos: Bognár Benedek, Nagy Tamás, Simon Zsuzsanna, Spengler László