QUAY~2023 is about community, about our river – about us.

The QUAY~2023 project was born out of the urbanism movement called placemaking. Placemaking aims to promote the reinterpretation of areas unused by city dwellers, using temporary tools and leisure activities to show possible future uses. The long-term development of the Lower Quay in Pest has the potential to create a liveable and people-centred city.

For the fourth year running, the Lower Quay in Pest has been open on weekends, and in 2023 a new area was added to the quayside. From the 22nd of April on, we gradually equipped and created a recreation park on Jane Haining Quay, the part of the quay between the Chain Bridge and Elisabeth Bridge. We opened the viaducts bellow the tram number 2 and, in addition to the weekend openings, the area was also open to the public on weekdays for 20 consecutive days during the summer.

We have removed ribbon railings, dismantled cobblestones and planted plants, installed street furniture, two public barbecues, a herb garden and potted plants. The resulting area with direct access to the Danube was used as a park and promenade during the week even when traffic was circulating. During the car-free periods additional areas were converted into terraces, and the viaducts under tram number number 2 were functioning as bar and community spaces.

In addition to the constant relaxation, sunbathing, dog-walking, playing with children, cycling, walking, talking, picnicking, just existing, the QUAY hosted more than two hundred activities organised by the city’s residents, including yoga classes, acoustic concerts, performances, film screenings, sports, talks, boardgaming, hip-hop competition, coaching, twerking, massage sessions and much more.

The Valyo Community Viaduct hosted programs and exhibitions by nearly thirty civic and cultural organizations, while the Viaduct Terrace, operated by Reketye Brewing Co., offered refreshments, exhibitions, workshops and sunset DJ sets.

QUAY~2023 was organised in the framework of the Budapest 150 programme series, in cooperation with the Municipality of Budapest, Valyo – City and River Association, Budapest Brand and Pro Cultura Urbis Public Foundation. valósult meg.